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Margaret Moriarty Gardner - A Celebration of Life

If you purchased a ticket for Oktoberfest in the last few years – there is a good chance you interacted with Margaret Moriarity Gardner...

Our dear friend Margaret lost her battle with cancer and went to be with God on April 14, 2019.

Margaret’s love for Our Lady of the Lake parish and the parish community was beyond compare. On top of all the other programs Margaret ran as the Pastoral Associate at Our Lady of the Lake Church, Margaret took on the job of Ticket Sales Coordinator for the 3rd Oktoberfest and continued for the next 5 years. Her attention to detail helped her with this critical role of managing 1600 plus tickets.

From the original ticket order to her personally delivering all the tickets to local home – she knew every name, what table they liked to sit at, where they liked their table to be located under the grand tent, or who they wanted to sit near.

When the guests would check in, Margaret would remember them from year to year and always greet everyone with a smile and express her gratitude for their support of the event.

She worked tirelessly for the event, not only because she loved to dance and mingle with friends, but she loved bringing all those guests to the welcoming Church of Our Lady of the Lake to celebrate! Celebrate seeing neighbors, friends, meeting new people, celebrating our faith – Oktoberfest is a joyous event and Margaret believed in spreading joy.

So enjoy this 10th Anniversary Oktoberfest which is dedicated to Margaret. Her kindness, irrepressible spirit and willingness to serve our parish will be remembered for years to come. Perhaps we can continue her legacy by also serving our neighbors and friends in the OLL community. All are welcome.

Margaret always ended correspondence with “Blessings,” she did indeed Bless all who knew her.

Margaret Moriarty Gardner
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